My favorite interviews of 2015

Woah, the year is almost over and looking back it’s kind of remarkable that the podcast I created a few years back is still a thing. I’ve released nearly 30 episodes this year, moved the show from WBEZ, and there are some truly exciting things coming up.

I thought it’d be nice to highlight some of my favorite episodes of the It’s All True! podcast from 2015. Some of these may have been technically recorded in 2014 but who cares.

TOP 5:

  • The one where comedian Lil Rel gets beat up by a cab driver…

This show really just an excuse to get to know comics that I admire. I got to pick Rel’s brain and he opened up about starting off in Chicago and navigating the comedy scene divided by a segregated city. He delved into how the sketch comedy show Friends of the People was formed after the ill fated reboot of In Living Color and described his influences ranging from Eddie Murphy to strangers on the street.



  • That time I didn’t realize author Lizzie Skurnick is black…

Yeah, that happened. My lack of knowledge led to a really exciting interview that went every direction I never expected.



  • When I found out Greg Proops is a muthafuckin’ BOSS…

Proops is too cool for school. I knew of him mainly from watching Whose Line Is It Anyway? as a kid. This conversation really opened up my perspective on his sharp wit.



  • Finally, I got to talk to someone about growing up in L.A. and it was with Issa Rae…

Issa Rae is one of my favorite writers and producers. Her web series has some of the best comedic moments in history. Yes, I just typed that and I mean it. I think we got to the essence of what it means to be awkward and black in this episode.



  • Getting philosophical with comedian Azhar Usman

Yeah, this one was intense.

Those are my top 5! You can check out all the rest below:

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